08 November 2005

Legislative first extraordinary session action for Nov. 8

And they keep coming:

THE GOOD: SB 49 by Ann Duplessis provides the vehicle by which schools with a proven track record of failure may be taken over by the state, including using charter arrangements, which will help immensely in getting Orleans schools up and going. SB 63 by Jay Dardenne further strengthens ethics laws for state officials relative to contracts for disaster reconstruction.

THE BAD: SB 55 by Robert Adley declares open season on insurance companies, forcing those that write policies anywhere in the state to write them in risky areas, which may cause problems if the state holds their rates artificially low, but worse is that insurers cannot force policyholders whose policies call for deductibles for wind and flood to pay it unless those holders are eligible to get funds from the federal government to pay for these damages. (There are other bills in both chambers that also have something like this latter provision, but Adley’s is the most unfair to insurers.)

TUESDAY: HB 76 is scheduled again to be heard by the House Commerce Committee; HB 25 is scheduled to be heard by the House Appropriations Committee; SB 34 is scheduled to be heard by the Senate Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Committee.

Total House introductions: 120; total Senate introductions: 69.

Total House good bills: 5; total Senate good bills: 5.

Total House bad bills: 6; total Senate bad bills: 4.

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