30 July 2022

Regular legislative session scores, 2022

With everything dealt with, and no veto session, the Louisiana Legislature Log presents its 2022 Louisiana Legislature scorecard. Thirteen bills were selected and weighed for computation. These were chosen mainly from the watch list compiled throughout the session. For a bill’s vote to be selected, in one chamber there had to be more than one legislator not voting for the winning or losing side.

Being that passage of bills depends upon the seated membership of a body, not voting is counted as a negative vote. However, if a legislator had a leave of absence granted for that day, his absent votes weren’t counted for bills voted on that day and the score adjusted to take that into account. In the case of constitutional amendments, the governor’s score was adjusted similarly.

Here are the bills with votes for final passage in every case on which the scorecard was computed, with the conservative/reform position and the weighing indicated:

02 July 2022

Regular legislative session through Jul. 2, 2022

The final reckoning for bills has come. But as there is a real possibility of a veto session, rather than move immediately to computing the voting scorecards for the year this space will go on hiatus for a couple of weeks until it is known whether to include results of a veto session in assembling the scorecard.

THIS WEEK FOR THE GOOD: HB 185 was signed by the governor; HB 202 was signed by the governor; HB 701 was signed by the governor; SB 383 was signed by the governor.