26 July 2020

Legislative regular session-plus scores, 2020

With everything dealt with, the Louisiana Legislature log presents its 2020 Louisiana Legislature scorecard. In a first, it actually will combine both Regular and First Extraordinary Session votes to compile this since the latter really acted as an appendage to the former.

Thirteen bills were selected and weighed for computation. These were chosen mainly from the watch list compiled throughout the session. For a bill’s vote(s) to be selected, in one chamber there had to be more than one legislator not voting for the winning or losing side.

Being that passage of bills depends upon the seated membership of a body, not voting is counted as a negative vote. However, if a legislator had a leave of absence granted for that day, his absent votes weren’t counted for bills voted on that day and the score adjusted to take that into account. The governor wasn’t scored on two items because they were constitutional amendments.

18 July 2020

First Extraordinary Session through Jul. 18. 2020

After days of inactivity relative to good bills of the special session, the governor acted on the remainder, choosing not to let all of these become law without his signature. The next edition of the Log will feature the scorecard, with bills from both the regular and special sessions.

THIS WEEK FOR THE GOOD: HB 57 was signed by the governor; SB 9 was signed by the governor; SB 16 was signed by the governor; SB 18 was signed by the governor.


05 July 2020

First Extraordinary Session through Jul. 4, 2020

The 2020 First Extraordinary Session of the Louisiana Legislature came to a close this past week, really just extending the regular session a month after that effort lost essentially 45 days to inactivity over the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. As such, the 2020 scorecard will include legislation from both and be computed once all relevant bills have been dealt with.

THIS WEEK FOR THE GOOD: HB 55 was concurred in and was sent to the governor; HB 57 conference report was approved by the Senate, was recommitted to conference, had conference report approved by House and Senate, and was sent to the governor; SB 12 was filed with the secretary of state.