09 November 2005

Committee action, Nov. 9: HB 9 and HB 51

Many seemed disappointed when the “ethics” bills introduced in the special session didn’t seem to have much in the way of teeth. Sponsor of HB 9 Rep. Eric LaFleur had an explanation in front of committee. LaFleur explained the reason why the bill only had reporting for an elected official and limited family members was because some situations might be where the only provider of something for FEMA money was one of these people. To outlaw them from having these contracts might legitimately deprive the market of some necessary goods or services.

This did not impress Rep. Peppi Bruneau. He complained too much in the way of preferments could occur, and he was disappointed because when trying to put HB 9 and his HB 51 together the committee’s amended version of did not include family members beyond the spouse. The committee wanted to put forward one bill per subject matter, so he got the committee to ask for a floor amendment to alter unanimously-passed HB 9 to include all members. He pointed out that his bill had penalties attached, and that these should stay in the final bill.

THE BAD: HB 140 by John Alario tries to get around the constitutional provision that excess monies from certain revenue sources be shunted to the Budget Stabilization Fund, by placing a cap on the amount (4 percent) tied to the total state revenue, allowing more feeding to the voracious state appetite for spending money. But that’s not all; he also introduced HB 145 and HB 146 which would allow 75 percent, rather than the present one-third, of the fund to be raided in a year where an emergency declaration has been given.

THURSDAY: HB 31 and HB 76 are scheduled still yet again to be heard by the House Commerce Committee; SB 34 is scheduled to be heard by the Senate Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Committee; SB 49 is scheduled to be heard by the Senate Education Committee;

“But you had a lot more fun in law school than I had.”
Bruneau to Rep. Charlie Lancaster, when comparing their law school experiences at Loyola.

Total House introductions: 148; total Senate introductions: 86.

Total House good bills: 5; total Senate good bills: 5.

Total House bad bills: 9; total Senate bad bills: 4.

Total House good bills heard in committee: 4; total Senate good bills heard in committee: 0.

Total House bad bills heard in committee: 3; total Senate bad bills heard in committee: 1

Total House good bills passing committee: 3; total Senate good bills passing committee: 0.

Total House bad bills passing committee: 0; total Senate bad bills passing committee: 1

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