07 May 2014

Committee action, May 7: HB 185, HB 1097

HB 185 by Rep. Kenny Havard would allow direct service workers to administer certain medications to self-directed users of Medicaid waiver services, after amendment that required standards for training to be set by the state. The Senate Health and Welfare Committee was told this would allow for those individuals not to have to hire expensive nursing on an as-needed and periodic basis to give simple administrations of medicine. Without objection it passed.

HB 1097 by Rep. Barbara Norton would allow Shreveport to increase its allowable tax rate permanently. City employee spokesmen argued to the House Municipal, Parochial, and Cultural Affairs Committee that the money was needed, saying is created too much uncertainty for the public safety departments to which it was dedicated in that it had to be renewed on occasion. Next renewal would become its last if the bill passed. Without objection it passed.

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