12 March 2014

Committee action, Mar. 12: HB 746, HB 185

HB 746 by Rep. Helena Moreno would prohibit minors from using tanning beds commercially. She told the House Health and Welfare Committee it was a cancer prevention measure and other states have done it, and in some countries it was banned for anybody. Supporters talked about their unfortunate experiences with cancer they said could have come from tanning bed use, and a salon owner said the bill would align with industry practices discouraging minor use and alternative methods.

A technical amendment to clarify anybody younger than 18 would be banned was passed. After, Rep. Ricky Burford said he would vote against it, obviously not because these could cause cancer, but that this involved too much government involvement.

However, he was the only member present to vote against it when the vote was called.

HB 185 by Rep. Kenny Havard would reduce regulatory burdens by persons who employ direct service workers to perform state-paid services. Mainly it would allow for non-complex administration of medicine. Without this, this discourages self-direction, which in a conducive environment can provide for better care of clients as well as increase the skills and opportunities for the DSW.

The bill passed without objection.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “That was a public service announcement by Rep. Frank Hoffman
Committee Chairman Scott Simon, when on debate about a bill dealing with pharmacies, commended a pharmacy representative for not selling cigarettes in their stores; committee member Hoffman has offered several bills in his career to limit smoking.

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