02 June 2010

Committee action, Jun. 2: HB 68, SB 762


HB 68 by Rep. Henry Burns would allow trained individuals with advance notice to bring firearms into houses of worship. He emphasized the choice to allow them into churches is with them and many states already allow this. However, churches on college campuses would not be subject to this. Senate Judiciary C Committee Chairman Danny Martiny asked whether Burns had changed his mind about supporting Rep. Ernest Wooton’s past efforts to allow concealed weapons on campuses; Burns said perhaps with restrictions.

Sen. Lydia Jackson began bringing up a number of technical scenarios, such as whether the bill would authorize a church that rents a facility from another church to have weapons even if the actual owner was against it. This prompted Burns to defer temporarily the bill to work on the language.


SB 762 by Sen. Sharon Weston Broome would make as a violation discrimination in land use and permitting decisions against people who want affordable housing built (defined as affordable to people between 60 and 80 percent of median family income for the area). Having run into many questions previously, Broome announced she was going to turn the bill into a study resolution, and the House Civil Law and Procedure Committee complied by voluntarily deferring it.


We’ll have an open mic after the meeting, just like Congress.

Martiny, to Wooton as he testified on a bill after Burns’, after he jokingly suggested Burns had made derogatory remarks about his bills and wanted to respond.

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