25 June 2009

Floor action, Jun. 24: HR 134

The Legislature is out of session. Our wallets are safe again from trespass.

Yesterday, during a pause in the action while the House was waiting on business to come back from the Senate, Rep. Barbara Norton asked for a moment of presonal privilege. This is not uncommon for a member to utilize to recognize somebody outside of the body, and late in the session often is a tool to use to stall for time when waiting for something else to happen. Norton, accompanied by Rep. Roy Burrell, introduced Shreveport's "Hurricane" Chris Dooley, charting now for the second time with the rap tune "Halle Berry (She's Fine)." After a false start, Dooley talked a little about the song and then played it (see it here). Norton praised him for his "great works."

It was hard to hear the lyrics, they didn't seem to be quite the original ones, and they weren't all of them (read them here). Just something to ponder as the House took in Norton's HR 134 honoring Dooley.

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