12 April 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly -- Prefiled bills through Apr. 10, 2009

Pre-filed bills continue to mount up. Let’s see what good, bad, and ugly out there:

THE GOOD: HB 210 by Rep. Kirk Talbot would increase the tax credit for families paying tuition for schooling or for home schooling expenses; HB 230 by Rep. Jeff Arnold would consolidate the four major retirement system boards into one; HB 252 by Rep. Kevin Pearson would move the homestead exemption to the first $10,001 to $85,000 of value.

THE BAD: HB 209 by Rep. Patrick Williams would exempt many developmentally disabled students from having to pass standardized tests in order to be promoted a grade level; HB 224 by Rep. John Bel Edwards would increase malpractice liability and thus insurance rates and medical costs; HB 243 by Rep, Neil Abramson would duplicate existing campaign finance reporting; HB 271 by Rep. Cedric Richmond would continue corporate welfare for the digital sound recording industry; SB 47 by Sen. John Alario would double the homestead exemption to shift even a higher tax burden onto fewer people (similar bill: HB 259).

THE UGLY: HB 199 by Rep. Karen St. Germain would ban the sale of “novelty” lighters with several exceptions; is their use even by children such a problem that the state has to interfere in the marketplace this way.


Anonymous said...

HB 230 is not a good idea, it consolidates four completely different retirement boards together. The different boards were made up for the different state employees. Emergency personnel retirements, teacher retirements, and civil service employee retirements are completely different.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Who is this supposed to benefit??? It seems like smaller retirement systems trying to belly-up to the larger one!!