20 February 2008

Floor action, Feb. 20: HB 85, HB 7

HB 85 would not allow any elected official in the state appoint to any commission or board anybody who had contributed to his campaign within the past five years at least $1,000. Rep. Sam Jones recited a history of past colorful episodes involving these appointments, then accused the Legislature as a whole of being in a rush to complete business, liking it to an avalanche, argued the Senate would not complete work on this bill before everybody wanted to adjourn, and asked it go back on the calendar.

HB 7, which would cap donations and require reporting of them to a gubernatorial transition, was tried to be amended by Sen. Troy Hebert that would do essentially what HB 85 would have, except the amount would be at least $5,000 given to a transition fund and would apply to all state government appointive positions – at least that’s what Hebert thought. Pres. Joel Chaisson objected, saying this needed more study and that this really didn’t fit the bill where unintended consequences could occur. Hebert admitted there were better instruments and said he would withdraw it but said this was an issue that needed vetting. Thereupon, the Senate approved it 38-0.

Troy, it’s called the Constitution, and you need to look at it.
Chaisson, when Hebert questioned why certain boards had members appointed by certain entities, in relation to appointments the Ethics Board.

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