15 June 2006

Floor action, Jun. 15: SB 673, SB 747

SB 673 by Sen. Max Malone would require disclosure of ownership information of any entity that got a public contract of $500,000 or greater. Speaking for it in the House, Rep. Mike Powell argued the bill provided sunshine into who was getting paid taxpayer dollars. After passing a technical amendment, Rep. Eric LaFleur spoke, concerned that there would be some onerous burden placed upon those filing the notarized form, and would be subject to prosecution. Powell said that any false information technically could not be compelled by the law, as only those filing perjured information could be prosecuted under another section of the legal code, as penalties were not provided in this law.

A lockout was requested. The bill failed 39-48, most Republicans voting for it, most Democrats against. (Later, Rep. Billy Montgomery changed his vote from being against to for it.)

SB 747 would allow New Orleans to charge more to telephone consumers to fund an emergency operations center until the end of 2009. Rep. Shirley Bowler asked the acting speaker whether the bill represented a fee increase that should originate only from the House. Acting speaker Bryant Hammett ruled it was a local government increase request and thus could come from the Senate. The bill passed 70-25, almost all those opposed being Republicans.

In all my years, this is the worst bill I’ve ever laid eyes on.
Rep. John Alario, referring to SB 743 which would regulate lending on the basis of auto titles. His amendment added to it forced its handler to withdraw the bill.

This bill, after being heavily amended, really doesn’t do a whole lot.
Rep. Jack Smith, handling SB 30.

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