24 May 2005

Floor action, May 24: SB 47; HB 311

SB 47 came and went with next to no discussion and a quick vote. Only Sens. Ken Hollis, Max Malone, and Craig Romero voted against it. Given that last week Rep. Mike Powell spoke against a similar bill, the area of east Shreveport and south Bossier City that Powell and Malone represent seems to be the island of sanity in the ocean of lake-building frenzy.

HB 311 also had little in the way of debate and passed 22-9 with six absences. This bill makes somewhat less generous Louisiana’s retirement system for the majority of state employees. Although Republicans normally can be found on the side of fiscal prudence, Sens. James David Cain, Sherri Smith Cheek, and Bob Kostelka voted against it. With very minor amendments and no indication from the governor that she’ll veto it, this bill turning into law seems imminent.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Double your pleasure …”
Acting Senate President Joe McPherson when noting Sen. Don Cravins would discuss HB 227, introduced in the House by Rep. Don Cravins, Jr.

WEDNESDAY: HB 571 is scheduled to be heard in the House Committee on Labor and Industrial Relations; HB 673 is scheduled to be heard in the Senate Commerce, Consumer Protection, and International Affairs Committee.

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