03 April 2006

Committee action, Apr. 3: HB 1129

If you want to see how it’s been done for so long in the Louisiana Legislature, look no further than long-time, power-broker state Rep. Charlie DeWitt (in the stead of Chairman state Rep. John Alario who is out on a family emergency -- thanks to an anonymous reader for that information) and his handling of the House Appropriations Committee. His dispatching of several bills only increased in speed by the time the last on the agenda, HB 1129 by Rep. Francis Thompson came up.

Thompson’s bill would allow monies collected in conjunction with operation of Poverty Point Reservoir to be used for purposes best described as “economic development,” specifically to plow back in those funds into the Poverty Point Retirement Development Community and the Black Bear Golf Club. This is a controversial issue because of Thompson’s connection to the enterprise, such as his brother being director of the golf course, so one might think a little time might be devoted to this enterprise.

Given by DeWitt the chance to speak on his bill, Thompson got about 10 words out before DeWitt queried whether there were any objections to the bill’s favorable reporting, immediately declared there were none, and so moved. Even Thompson walked away, muttering, “I wish I could have gotten some questions so I'd know what to expect in the future.”
That’s the way it’s been done for so long in the Legislature.

See above.

TUESDAY: SB 1 is scheduled to be heard by the Senate Judiciary A Committee.

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