31 March 2006

Legislative regular session through Mar. 31

The House didn't do much in committee this week to start bu the Senate did get going in that respect. And some more bills should trickle in for the next few weeks.

THE BAD: HB 1129 by Rep. Francis Thompson makes it easier for the state to blow money on dubious economic development schemes that seem to be more about transferring money to certain interests. HB 1130 by Rep. Cedric Richmond would allow for the creation of many new government agencies with the power to assess fees and take on debt and all the patronage that entails for the pruposes of economic development that already can be done (if it needs to be at all) elsewhere. His HB 1136 would increase the state’s liability for its last-resort homeowner’s insurance, meaning the state could pass it on to private insurers thus consumers.

MONDAY: HB 1129 is scheduled to be heard in the House Appropriations Committee.

THIS WEEK FOR THE GOOD: SB 18 was reported favorably; SB 150 was reported favorably.

THIS WEEK FOR THE BAD: SB 291 was reported favorably with minor amendments.

(Note: some numbers will fluctuate because of similar bills. If more than one similar bill makes progress, all will be recorded. However, if any ever become legislation, there should be no duplication; only the fate of one of them would be reflected at the end.)

Total House introductions: 1136; total Senate introductions: 634.

Total House good bills: 28; total Senate good bills: 12.

Total House bad bills: 16; total Senate bad bills: 17.

Total House good bills heard in House committee: 0; total Senate good bills heard in Senate committee: 3.

Total House bad bills heard in House committee: 0; total Senate bad bills heard in Senate committee: 8.

Total House good bills passing committee: 0; total Senate good bills passing committee: 2

Total House bad bills passing committee: 0; total Senate bad bills passing committee: 1

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