10 December 2006

Committee and floor action, Dec. 10: HB 121

Bill introductions, referrals, and committee work are happening almost simultaneously in this compressed session:

THE GOOD: HB 120 by Rep. Taylor Townsend would allow a refundable income tax credit for assessment made to homeowners paying special insurance assessments to fund deficits in the state-run insurer.

THE BAD: HB 121 by Townsend would give a $75 per child tax credit but then suspends the $25 credit for educational expenses, which would force the state to give out money to people who do not pay income taxes.

The House resumed recessed to allow its Ways and Means Committee to work on HB 120, which passed with objection. Then it went back to business but almost 45 minutes late, bad by even its standards.

No doubt this was to try to gauge support for raising the state’s expenditure limit. It must not have been entirely successful, because when it returned the request, which had passed committee the previous day 13-3, was placed into five separate yet identical resolutions and all shipped to committee. The House then adjourned.

I just want to say that the Independents are going home.
Rep. Joel Robideuax, the Legislature’s only independent, after leaders of the Democratic Caucus and Republican Delegation announced meetings after adjournment.

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