11 May 2006

Floor action, May 11: SB 502

SB 502 by Sen. Francis Heitmeier would create the crime of price gouging. He maintained that during the hurricane disasters this went on. Sen. Robert Barham said it happened all over the state, and offered amendments to have it apply statewide as originally it was to apply only in certain affected parishes.

A number of senators brought up questions about the extent of the law’s coverage and how it was to be enforced. Sen. Nick Gautreaux wanted to know how selective prosecution would be prevented, or who would be prosecuted – who was responsible in the supply chain for “gouging?” Sen. Ann Duplessis wondered why gasoline was not exempt when other commodities were, and offered an amendment to remove the protection of “commodity markets.”

Both amendments were adopted without objection, and the bill passed 34-0.

Those two girls voted the machines of Sens. Romero and Cravins … they can’t do that …. Vote your machines … Cravins, yes … no, absent … [whispering] tell that girl she can’t vote that machine.
Pres. Don Hines, when a quorum call was requested prior to voting on SB 117 and he identified two non-Senate members voting “present” at the machines of Sens. Craig Romero and Don Cravins; subsequently, it seemed somebody tried to vote Cravins’ machine when the Senate considered SB 117. This after news reports had come out about how legislators physically absent from the chamber somehow had votes being recorded as if they were there.

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