18 February 2005

Welcome to the Louisiana Legislature Log Blog!

Louisianans, with all that goes on in their lives, who wish to find out more about what their Legislature is doing can face a daunting task involving much time and effort. This blog exists to help make a little more sense of what happens during, and even a little in-between, sessions.

Beginning in the near future, first on a weekly, then, as the 2005 regular session greets us, on a daily basis, appearing on this site will be features such as:
  • the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly -- bills that fall into these categories
  • notable comments made by legislators in performing their duties
  • analysis on whatever interesting comes out of the Legislature

I do have a day job as a humble political science professor so I can't promise a blow-by-blow description of what's happening, but I can provide a little insight and context into what goes on in Baton Rouge every spring. Together, maybe we can have some fun with this.

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